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The Postman’s Gifts

The Postman’s Gifts

Inspired by the intimacy of giving and the generosity innate to the holiday season, filmmaker Autumn de Wilde has devised a series of four brief cinematic vignettes titled ‘The Postman’s Gifts’ and devoted to key Prada accessories. Idolising these Prada accessories as totems or talismans, surreal scenarios unfold in each of the filmic shorts, captured in de Wilde’s signature polarised colour spectrum and with her trademark wit and panache. Scored by singer-songwriter Christian Wargo, the soundtrack – ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ – underlines the key notion of generosity and loving gift-giving, and hints at the surprise unveiling of the Prada pieces in every short. In each film, an ever-changing cast of women interact with their accessories – their satisfying gifts – in unexpected, intriguing and entertaining fashions. The unexpected is all that can be anticipated.

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